High School
Typical High School Program, Gifted College Program, Support Bridges Program & Intensive Bridges Program
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TYPICAL STUDENT PROGRAM (TSP) offers students the opportunity to prepare for university, community college, or technical training. These classes will operate in a fashion conducive to the specific learning styles and differences  of each student.  This program is a mixture of upper middle school and high school.  These classes offer all of the regular middle and high school courses, but move at a slightly slower pace than the Gifted College Program.

GIFTED COLLEGE PROGRAM (GCP) offers the university track only.  It offers honors classes and some online college courses through dual enrollment with FTCC. Most courses in the GCP are honors level classes. GCP operates as a fast track program, giving students the ability to earn college credit before they graduate high school.  This program is for students who are able to operate at a faster pace. 

It is the philosophy of FSCA to provide each student the instruction and opportunities needed to reach their full potential.  We pledge to help each student build their integrity, develop self-discipline and discover their talents to maximize their potential. 

The following courses are offered to high school students:
  • English 1-4 , Writing for College
  • US History, Law and Government, Economics, World History
  • Chemistry, Neurobiology, Biology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Physical Science, Physiology, Health and Nutrition, Physical Education
  • Spanish, German
  • Algebra 1-2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus,
  • Integrated Math 1-4, includes Consumer Math and Business Math
  • Psychology, Life and Social Skills Science, Religion, Philosophy
  • Performing Arts - Drama, Chorus & Dance  
  • Digital Design-Photography, Drawing & Graphic Design
  • Digital Media-Film Making & Video Production, Animation Art & Design, Game Design
  • Computer Applications
  • Visual Arts - Painting, Drawing, Photography, Architecture
  • and much more!!!
Connecting with Your Child's Teachers
FSCA now uses GRADELINK, an electronic gradebook to record grades and assignments and to communicate with parents.